“Unlimited sight
Unlimited possibilities”
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Blind Babies Program

Imagine how you would feel if you lost your vision.  Many people feel fear, anxiety and loneliness. They often arrive at our door believing their life is over.  Now, imagine a baby in a world where they alone and unable to connect with the world around them. At CVI, we are helping to change lives by creating a world where Blind Babies’ have hope in the face of blindness. Our vision is for no blind baby to be left in the dark.

The Blind Babies Program provides services for children from birth to age five. Some of the services include; early Intervention, counseling, and parental education. The program assist infants with visual impairments in the areas of cognitive and emotional development, sensory awareness byway of experiential learning. The Blind Babies Program also understands the importance of intergenerational literacy and educates parents, caregivers the community about the importance of eye health among infants. The primary objective of the Blind Babies Program is to teach infants and provide them with the skills needed to develop higher learning readiness, improved self-sufficiency, and fully develop the highest level of physical, mental and social skills. The program focuses on child development by providing students with Individual Family Support Plan (ISFP) to ensure that they are receiving a comprehensive treatment of care.

The program serves families in the Volusia, Flagler, Putnam and Brevard Counties affected by children with visual impairments. CVI accepts referrals from hospitals, Early Steps, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, neonatal intensive care, Schools, Primary Care instructors, Florida Division of Blind Services and family and community members. If you see a child in need help to change a life by referring a child so that they too can experience the journey that life has ahead.