“Unlimited sight
Unlimited possibilities”
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Assistive Technology Program


The Assistive Technology Program trains visually impaired individuals of all ages in the utilization of adaptive software and hardware technology. 

Participants must be referred to CVI by the Division of Blind Services or the Veteran’s Administration.

CVI completes a Comprehensive Functional Assessment for each participant that evaluates skill level and current and future need in the use of appropriate assistive device(s) and/or software.

The Assistive Technology Program offers courses year-round. Training is provided on an individual basis but may include group instruction. At home training is offered as needed throughout the service area.

A basic technology course length is 20 hours; more advanced classes are 50 hours. Classes are held weekly but due to high demand there is usually a waiting list.

Assistive Technology Training is geared towards multiple needs. Students planning on attending college are taught college technology entrance requirements. Students planning on entering the workforce are taught technology for employment purposes. Training is also provided for individual use such as personal finance, communication and leisure activities.


The Assistive Technology Program provides training on the following:

Basic Computer Skills:  Includes keyboarding, touch typing, internet navigation and email.  

Screen Magnification: Used  to enlarge information on computer screens by 2x to 20x magnification. Software includes  MAGic, ZoomText, BigShot.

Screen Readers: Reads aloud everything on computer screens, including text, pull-down menus, icons, dialog boxes, and web pages. Software includes JAWS Windows-Eyes ZoomText.

Scan/Read Systems: Combines software and a flatbed scanner to read aloud printed text. Textbook pages, class handouts, and tests can be scanned then read aloud by computer. OpenBook

Portable Notetakers: Lightweight notetakers provide speech output and can be connected to printers and computers for printing and uploading text. Hardware includes: Braille Lite Series, Braille 'n Speak, Type 'n Speak, PacMATE Series, Type Lite, VoiceNote, BrailleNote.

Video Magnifiers Utilizes closed circuit television technology to enlarge written materials and small objects. Printed material can be magnified onto the CCTV for easier viewing.   Prisma, SmartView, Flipper.

Digital Book Readers : Full-featured software packages designed to play RFB&D's AudioPlus CD books on desktops or laptops.  Specially designed with the visually impaired in mind. Victor Reader Soft