“Limited Sight
    Unlimited Opportunities”
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About Us


Administrative Staff

Ronee Silverman  President/CEO
Patricia Anderson  Business Operations Manager
Sid Mickle  Director of Development
Rosalie Ferry  Adminstrative Assistant
Donta Jimerson  Receptionist/Rehabilitation Assistant
Lori McDaniel  Client Intake Specialist

Program Staff

Vada Jackson  VR Manager All Counties
Adriana Mattei-Sosa  O&M/Transition Educational Manager All Counties
Gabrielle Michel  Orientation and Mobility Instructor All Counties
Mary Noblitt  Technology Instructor Volusia
Ryan Mann  Technology Instructor Volusia
Christopher Dixon  AT/Transition Contract Compliance Manager Volusia
Kimberly Morris  Independent Living Instructor Volusia
Patti Kupchik  Vision Rehabilitation Specialist Volusia
Karla Bucholz  Independent Living Instructor West Volusia
Karen Orosz  Vision Rehabilitation Specialist Brevard
Carol Saunders  Rehabilitation Assistant Brevard
Anthony Chambers  Orientation & Mobility Specialist Brevard
Elise Vaughan  Rehabilitation Specialist Brevard