“Limited Sight
    Unlimited Opportunities”
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STEPS Children's Program

Supplemental Technology & Experiential Program for Success
For school age children app. 6-13 years of age

The Center for the Visually Impaired (CVI) provides services to residents of Brevard, Flagler, Putnam and Volusia counties.  

The STEPS Program creates opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge of the world, develop an understanding of their role within their community and increase self-esteem.

STEPS was designed for school age children whose primary disability is vision loss. The child must be able to self-feed, dress themselves and have independent toileting skills.

The STEPS Program is year round and consists of two phases:

School Year – Groups meet one to two Saturday’s per month. 

Summer Program – Activities are scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Includes a visit to the Talking Book Library linked to the books on the school summer reading list and other fun, interactive field trips.

Parents are responsible for bringing their child to CVI’s office and picking them up after an activity. CVI provides transportation from our facility to field trip destinations.

STEPS focuses on the following areas:

Assistive Technology: Provides instruction on adaptive technology and equipment enabling students to compete academically. 

Daily Living Skills: Teaches basic food preparation, kitchen skills and the importance of a healthy diet and exercise. Provides instruction on grooming and organizational skills. Strengthens student’s Braille reading and writing skills.

Experiential Activities: Provides hands-on, interactive field trips including sailing, horseback riding, kayaking and a trip to CUBS field.

Orientation & Mobility: Provides reinforcement of school mobility instruction and basic principles of independent travel.

Family Support: CVI provides counseling and hosts support groups for parents and families of children with visual impairment. Issues addressed include how to effectively advocate for your child in school and social settings, challenges of the visually impaired and sharing frustrations and success stories.

Students completing this program are encouraged to advance into CVI’s Transition Program designed for children and young adults 14-22 years of age.