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Success Stories

Damon's Success Story in Job Placement

Damon is a Job Placement client from Melbourne. He lost his vision a few years ago and he also manages multiple sclerosis. Before his disabilities manifested, Damon owned and operated restaurants in the Brevard County area. He also completed a four year degree in Criminology. However, Damon found it to be difficult to maintain his previous lifestyle while dealing with his vision loss. Still wanting to be a productive member of the workforce, Damon entered the Job Placement Program at the Center for the Visually Impaired. During his time in the program, Damon learned to use assistive technology and how to modify certain work duties to accommodate for his disabilities. He also worked on adjusting to the psychosocial aspects of disability and barriers to employment. With a newfound sense of confidence, and a new resume, Damon hit the ground running in his search for a new job. He filled out countless applications and made appointments with business managers to sell himself. Damon's hard work paid off as he was recently hired in the produce department at a local Walmart, where he is able to share his love of food and food service with others.

Congratulations Damon on a JOB well done!

Matt's Success Story in the Job Readiness Program

Matt started the Center for the Visually Impaired Job Readiness Training Program during the Fall of 2011 and finished the program in January of 2012.  His instructor observed that he was completing the training successfully and Matt also indicated that he learned a lot of valuable information during the course.

The things that Matt learned and improved upon were; self confidence, the ability to assertively communicate his skills in a job interview, and to explain how he would use low vision tips, techniques and devices to perform his duties as food prep cook and front line cook.  Matt also learned how to write an effective resume and to accurately fill out various job applications.

With the knowledge and training that Matt acquired during the job readiness program, he was able to assertively promote himself in a work experience job interview and was given the opportunity to demonstrate his skills and abilities. This work experience did lead to a full time employment opportunity and Matt is currently competitively employed.

Congratulations Matt!

Kyle's Transition Program Success Story

Kyle, a 17 year old High School Junior from Melbourne Beach, joined the Transition Program in 2010. Last year, Kyle participated in a work experience at a local bait shop where he received orders, maintained live bait, and assisted customers. He performed so well in his work experience that the owners of the bait shop hired him as a part time employee. When they sold the business Kyle unfortunately lost his job. Not one to quit, Kyle hit the pavement over and over again to apply for jobs in his area.  

In December of 2012, Kyle independently attained a seasonal job at Toys R Us in a customer service position. The store hired 64 people for the Holidays and informed Kyle that he was number one on their list if they were to bring anyone on permanently.  

Kyle is also a member of the local Police Explorers (a club that trains youth to become future officers) and ROTC.  Kyle would like to eventually have a career in law enforcement or with the military in some capacity.  The Transition Program is extremely proud of Kyle for his tireless effort and his independent, never quit attitude!

Congratulations Kyle, great job!